Hydrate the Earth

The forgotten role of water in the climate crisis

Author : Ananda Fitzsimmons


Summary :
As human activities have spread, taking up more of the earth’s surface, we have unintentionally disrupted the water cycle with consequences on our planet’s ecosystem. We can reverse this, particularly through regenerative agriculture. There is a lot of talk about the role of carbon in climate change, but the importance of water is less well known. Intervention at the level of the water cycle could be the fastest way to have an impact and ensure our food security on the planet.

Ananda Fitzsimmons is a visionary and environmentalist with a passion for the land and growing food. She has a lifelong interest in sustainable food production and land management, as well as social change and personal empowerment. She is a champion of climate action, regenerative land management practices and social change to restore the balance of our ecosystems. Ananda has developed microbial technologies to restore soils and co-founded Concentric Agriculture. She is now Chair of the Board of Directors of Regeneration Canada, a non-profit organization that promotes soil regeneration in Canada.

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December 2021

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