Feeding the Earth

A Manifesto for Regenerative Agriculture

Author : Daniel Baertschi


Summary :
How can we produce and consume food without harming our planet? What needs to be done to ensure that people have affordable and healthy food? With examples from his own experience and written in straightforward language, the author demonstrates how agriculture and the food industry must change if we’re to restore our planet to health. Discover regenerative agriculture and learn how we can all support it to make our soil fertile again and transform food production into a means of protecting the environment and easing the positive impact on climate change.

Author :
Daniel Baertschi is a pioneer in regenerative agriculture and food production. He has had many years of experience in organic farming and development cooperation, and has been involved in agricultural projects in over 50 countries on 4 continents. After serving as director of Bio Suisse, he now works as consultant to farms, companies and organisations, providing advice and support on issues related to sustainable food production.

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