Editiorial line: human activity and its impact on the world

Three dimensions :

Green new skills

Today, some human activities are accused of harming the environment. Many of us are looking for jobs which, while providing material security, are also more meaningful. The debate on possible reforms to the current economic system often clashes over the subject of employment. At stake for everyone is the question of skills, know-how, jobs.

In this context, many jobs thought to have disappeared are coming back to the forefront. Craftsmanship is playing a growing role; industry is trying to reinvent itself; technology necessarily has a role to play even if it cannot solve everything.

Our intention is to explore all possible aspects of this huge subject that concerns us all. We wish to publish testimonials, portraits, share experiences, give access to the results of surveys and studies to show the human and economic reality of the subject. We are also willing to give room to fiction and art, as we are convinced that each creative expression brings something different.

Tender planet

Major environmental issues are everywhere, in all debates, on everyone’s lips. They are often difficult to understand completely, and it is even more difficult to understand why they do not create more consensus.

The aim is to explore them in a different way, to allow various authors to talk about their experiences, their actions, their convictions, while giving space to science, fiction, art: to all means of expression.

Let’s not try to hide the fact that these subjects provoke anxiety, and that within a world population of 8 billion people, each individual has never felt so small. We all need to find our own way of dealing with these subjects and make them our own tries to talk to everyone.


It is obvious, and yet… Do we think about it enough every day? Depending on where we grew up, our education, our cultural background, our view of human activities and their impact on the world is inherently biased. We all need, more than ever, to know who we are, where we come from, but also and above all who our neighbours are and where they come from.

Let’s take a step back to regain lightness and flexibility in our relationship with others! Through various works (stories, essays, poetry, art) around a central subject, we intend to build on historical and cultural insights. Let us surprise you!