Let’s create new editorial adventures together!

What kind of partnerships are we looking for?

At Éditions la  Butineuse, you won’t hear about financial partnerships, but content partnerships.

You are an author, bookseller and would like to consider a new form of collaboration with a publisher?

Let’s talk about it!

Are you an institution, an agency, a specialized media, with or without content production activity ? Would you like to benefit from a different form of exposure to develop a subject and open up to new audiences? Are you interested in being associated with other forms of content?

As a professional organisation, as a writing workshop, an art school or a design school, would you like to propose to your authors, your members, your students that they take part in a competition which would highlight their talents and offer them the opportunity to be published for the first time?


We need to know from you what you would like to read about, we need to understand your expectations in terms of subjects, literary genres and access modes, so that we can offer you the book that best suits your tastes, sensitivities and habits.