Renewing reading experience

Reading made easier

Today, for most subjects, our first source of information comes from media, social or not, from magazines and our conversations. This allows us to keep up to date, to exchange with others. However, we sometimes wish to go further.

Nevertheless, more advanced books are often too long for the time we have, or out of step with what we really want to read.

Our aim is to offer you content that is: concise enough so that you are not left feeling it is unfinished, long enough to allow you to explore a subject, and with literary genres adapted to your wishes.

To deepen their knowledge, some people wish to start reading popular science, while others prefer a testimony, a story, or prefer to approach a subject through a fiction or a work of art. This is why we seek to multiply genres to be as close as possible to your tastes and sensitivities.

Our books are first distributed individually, in digital format, accessible from your everyday digital devices. All these books are also available in print format, in order to maximise access modes

In a second phase, we design compilations by theme that allow a second exploitation of these works. The aim here is to produce larger books, bringing together several individual ones around a particular subject, highlightning them in diverse ways to help the reader.

What about eco-design?

Are digital books more environmentally friendly that printed ones or is it the other way round?

Our goal is not to settle this debate but to see how to minimise the impact of both by taking into account the whole chain of events, from the relationship with authors, partnerships with suppliers, to the production and distribution processes.

Our company is supported in the field of eco-design, because it is a global and complex approach, with a view to being certified.

The team


With more than 10 years of experience in the fields of publishing and cultural affairs, driven by convictions, Audrey felt the need and desire to build a meaningful project, one that is useful and in line with her personal values, such as dissemination of knowledge, education and openness to others.


After some twenty years in charge of distribution and product development in the publishing department of an international organisation, François decided to take on a new challenge. His objective which has always been to make a difference and to have a positive impact via publishing remains the same, but now he wishes to reach a different audience.