The Climate General

Auteur : Tom Middendorp


Summary :
“We recommend The Climate General to anyone keen on understanding the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change and more importantly, the solutions and strategies that can lead us to a better tomorrow.”
Ban Ki-moon and Feike Sijbesma, Co-Chairs Global Center on Adaptation.

Following a speech in December 2016, the Dutch Chief of Defence, Tom Middendorp, hit the headlines in his country. “Climate change is a cause of conflict…”, he declared, adding that the security sector was not paying enough attention to the climate and its impact on our existence. “The Climate General” was born.

The author draws on his practical military experience and deep understanding of geopolitical dynamics to demonstrate the extent to which climate change and global security are intrinsically linked on every continent. But he does not stop there; he goes beyond this alarming observation to offer a wide range of solutions.

“We should not wait until it is too late. We need to look ahead, rise above the issues of the day and, above all, be willing to bridge divides and reach out to each other in the fight against this common enemy.”

Author :
Tom Middendorp has led more than 20 international missions during his military career. Since 2019, he has been Chairman of the International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS) and participates in numerous international conferences. Antonie van Campen is now a freelance speechwriter. She has known Tom for many years, was an important sounding board for him and a voice for the younger generation. She is the one who wrote the speech which earned him the nickname “Climate General”.

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