La Butineuse publishes books and articles to gain a deeper understanding and tackle climate change, resources and biodiversity issues.

Official selection for The Climate General

Honour, joy, gratitude. Our latest title by Tom Middendorp and Antonie van Campen, translated by Brigitte Zwerver-Berret, is one of 10 shortlisted for the Veolia Foundation Environmental Book Prize. A book to understand and unite rather than divide.

For companies

Businesses, large and small, are major players of the environmental transition. Our books are designed as tools.

Contact us to organise an event, distribute our books to internal or external audiences, in print or digital format.

We can work together on an editorial project, produce customised books based on our content, in several languages.

For local authorities

Local and regional authorities are shaping the future of their areas, tackling tomorrow’s challenges.

Our thematic books cover many aspects of the environmental transition implemented by various departments: energy, water, waste management, spatial planning, agriculture and food, security, eco-anxiety.

Concise and accessible to all, they address the scientific as well as the human and cultural dimensions of the issues, and provide numerous examples of what is already being done around the world.

Contact us to find out how best to use our content within your departments: print or digital distribution, customised editions, events, presentations.

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International authors published in several languages

Partnerships with companies and institutions

Eco-design approach across the entire chain

Who are we?

Since its creation in 2021, La Butineuse and its authors have been creating accessible and concise books to open up concrete perspectives.

As an individual, company or organisation, our publications will help you to better understand the climate emergency and to take a constructive approach.

Our aim: to bring out a holistic vision that transcends silos and demonstrates the complementary nature of solutions, as well as the importance of openness and collaboration.

Behind La Butineuse, you will find Audrey and François!

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