Our Manifesto

What exactly is our Publishing House aiming to do?

Our objective is very clear: to enable as many people as possible to address and tackle sensitive subjects, hence our concise texts, of different genres with the multiple ways of accessing them.

These subjects are often difficult to grasp, for many reasons:
– They are based on scientific notions that we do not master well.
– They question our lifestyles.
– They question our livelihoods and our jobs.
– Finally, our “point of view” is heavily influenced by our cultural diversity!

All these factors were instrumental in our decision to create our own Publishing House.

Éditions La Butineuse is a publishing house totally rooted in this awareness of the impact of our activities on the world.

However, we want it to be non-polemical and without political colour.

The idea is to make scientific data accessible and attractive, to address thorny issues without taboo or prejudice, to give a voice to those who are in the field on a daily basis, and to invite creative people in this adventure.

This is our dream: clearly identify a subject, explore it with scientific rigour and imagination and allow everyone to find a way in.