Our history

Why set up our own Publishing House?

Like many people, we have gradually become aware of the need for change if we want living conditions to remain bearable on our mother planet.

Like many others, we have also researched available information and reflected on the best way to play our part in this change.

After leaving city life behind us, we were considering setting up as bakers, but soon realised that publishing was still under our skin!

There are a thousand things to do, a thousand people to discover, a thousand stories to tell, and for us, publishing is the only way to explore this world of possibilities, to bring together creators, scholars, storytellers, and those who wish to read and hear them.

This project of ours gradually became clear to us. There are too many people around us who don’t read, or who read very little, yet we can see that they are nevertheless concerned about the subjects we want to address. So with the help of this project for which we have a lot of ambition and enthusiasm, we want to find a way of interesting these people and getting them involved!