“Climate disruption is a global security issue.” (Tom Middendorp)

Why read The Climate General? Because, as climate change and security have become key
subjects for most sectors of the economy, this is more than a book: it is a roadmap for

General (Ret.) Tom Middendorp focuses on concrete, actionable solutions as businesses,
researchers, scientists, NGOs, IGOs and Defense can put pieces of the solution together in
new future-proof concepts.

The author is the former Chief of Defense of The Netherlands, now chairman of the IMCCS –
International Military Council on Climate and Security. He is a recognized international
keynote speaker at both governmental and corporate events.

His book takes us on a journey from the frontlines, showing how our changing climate
disrupts fragile regions around the world. It reveals how extreme droughts, water scarcity,
and natural disasters become problems of an existential nature, and how they already
accelerate conflicts and instability worldwide.

As the golden age of security, predictability and resource abundance is over, we have
entered a new era of uncertainty, complexity and vulnerable dependencies. This affects our
activities, our infrastructures, our strategies, and our businesses. Increasing gaps between
demand and supply lead to more global competition in a fragmenting world.

This alarming picture calls for a redesign of our resilience. We have no choice but to adapt
and innovate to reduce our resource dependency as in a world of increasing scarcities,
protecting supply lines leads to more competition and regional tensions. It is of strategic
importance to minimize our footprint to avoid the worst from happening.

“The value in this book lies not only in highlighting how climate change and unsustainable human activity can influence instability and conflict but, in a typically military fashion, proposing how we can adapt and engineer change.“ Ian Saunders, Senior Consultant, Frontier ESG Advisory Ltd and Vice President at The African Environmental Fim Foundation 

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