You have voted!

Many thanks to all of you who support our project. Thanks to you, we have had more than 220 votes in our survey, which is a fantastic start.

We are overwhelmed by all the messages of encouragement, meetings and exchanges that we have had since the launch. We are discovering every day the energy generated by this entrepreneurial approach, and this is only the beginning.

The results of this survey are clear, and at the beginning of January we got exactly what we needed: our way forward for 2021!

The first nice surprise comes from your answers to the difficult choice of priority between the three book series – Green new skills, Tender planet and Multiculturalism. We are reassured, you are in favour of all three! And among them, Multiculturalism comes first, which is extremely interesting. Indeed, approaching the vast problem of the impact of human activities on the world cannot be done peacefully without full awareness and knowledge of our cultural diversities.

The second surprise – but is it a real one? – is that the subjects that come to the forefront are agriculture and food, water and history/time. This is a strong message, a clear request for us to focus on themes that are essential, representing the primary needs of humanity. We are delighted; these subjects are absolutely perfect to launch our adventure.

Finally, in terms of types of works, half of you are asking for stories, testimonials and portraits. You also ask for reference texts, fiction, comic strips and children’s books. We will do everything to meet your expectations.

Our path is clear, we are looking for authors, actors in the field, creators who will fill our little cells with concise texts (30 to 60 pages) on these great subjects.           

This is the time to put up your antennas, to spread your wings and to assail us with ideas and projects.